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Related post: Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:29:03 +0900 From: Andrej Koymasky Subject: Puppets Theatre 04----------------------------THE PUPPETS THEATERby Andrej Koymasky (C) 1999 written the 16 th of December, 1989 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Richard-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"THE PUPPETS THEATER" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and young lolitas sex pics so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, ore because you think yo really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------ACT FOUR - Marco, the puppeteerFirst scene:The "commendatore" Daniele Linardi looked with satisfaction at the diagram of the growth of his business, prepared for him by his management bureau - the small capital left to him by his father had grown beyond measure. He was really be satisfied. However he devoted his life to become a great financier, and in that way he earned his gratification.He married at twenty-six to a woman chosen for him by his father. A cold, calculating, astute woman. If she had survived her first delivery, she would have been a business-woman to be feared. But she died giving birth to Marco, their first and only son. So, he was widowed at the age twenty seven, with a newborn baby to take angel lolitatop 50 lolita care of. He hired an excellent governess, an efficient English spinster, and entrusted her with the baby to raise. In spite of all the advice and pressures of his family, he didn't want to marry again. From time to time he met his son, who each time was growing up. This didn't mean that he didn't care about his son. Every day the governess gave him a report about his Marco, his only heir. He would not have minded spending any amount of money to have his son grow up well, to educate him. He had to develop admirably both in his body and mind, to become a man worthy of the name he bore.So, Marco grew up, surrounded by servants, cared for by his governess, in an affluent atmosphere but surely not in the lap of luxury nor of laxity. At four he was able to read and write, and spoke fluently three languages. At five he had a violin teacher, a maestro expressly engaged from the Santa Cecilia Academy, paid generously to take teach only little Marco. At six he started riding horses and performing sports - he was followed by an expert in children's physical development so that he could grow up strong and healthy. Even what he ate was decided by an expert dietician.He also had many toys, all rigorously chosen so that could develop his intelligence, memory and dexterity. Absolutely his father didn't mind spending money in order to get the best for his son. At seven Marco had a multitude of tutors to make him study. All his days were regulated with the precision of a chronometer, all his activities were weighted with the precision balance of tiny lolita blow job a pharmacist, he didn't do anything useless, nothing that could be considered a loss of time.Then the experts said he needed diversion, to play. At once these were planned, therefore he had to 'amuse' himself from such and such an hour to such and such an hour in such a way... And his father spent with him a certain amount of time each week, and if one week he had to be gone, during the following week he would spend exactly the double amount of time with his son - in fact it was his son's right and his father respected this right with scrupulous care.When Marco was fourteen years old, he sat for the school graduating exam (that normally is taken at 19!) and passed it with high marks and all honors. He was able to play the violin with mastery, he rode with agility, his mind was open and developed, and had a prodigious memory. All was proceeding perfectly.Each day he had at his disposal two hours that he spent in solitude in the wide park of the villa, in good weather or not, as it was the advice of the psychologist - a man needs also solitude. Therefore, in those two hours it was absolutely forbidden, for any of the villa personnel, to walk in the park.It was during one of these lolita girl bathing suits two hours periods that Marco made an important encounter.The gardener, whose wife was the cook of the masters, lived in a small house in a corner of the wide park. They had a seventeen year old son, Valerio. The boy attended the foreign languages high school in Milan, where he commuted on his motor bike every day. Then he went back to the little house at the bottom of the park and studied. Marco sometimes saw Valerio from a distance, and often felt the desire to meet him, to play with him. But it had not been possible. Marco always had his solitary stroll in the park in the late morning, just before lunch time. At that time, except for Sundays, Valerio always was at school. And he knew that on Sunday, at that time, he could not to go out in the park.But, for various reasons, Marco's walk was changed to the afternoon, between 2 and 4 P.M. The entire villa's staff was warned, but nobody thought to tell to Valerio. So on that day, when Marco arrived not too far from the little house at the bottom of the park, Valerio was sitting on the grass, under a tree, and was reading a book. When Marco saw the boy from afar, his heart leapt. He hid immediately, in order not to be seen by the boy, then started to stealthy draw nearer him. It took him almost twenty minutes to cover just a few tens of yards, finally succeeded in arriving at the boy's back without being noticed by Valerio. He stretched his neck to see what the other was reading - it seemed like a novel.So, he asked: "What are you reading?"Valerio jumped in surprise and turned. When he recognized the Master's son, he hastily stood up: "I'm sorry, Master, I go immediately back home.""No, please, remain here...""But the orders... I didn't know you were out for your daily walk.""Remain here, please." preteen lolita glamour photos Marc repeated.The boy's tone was so sad that Valerio didn't have the heart to go away - even though he knew that it was his duty, but remained, hesitant, and looked Marco in his eyes."If they know that I disobeyed..." Valerio said at half voice."How can they know? From the villa we russian lolita model nudist cannot be seen. And it is not I who lolita nn thumb pics will tell them... What were you reading?""A school book.""It looks like a novel.""It is a novel, I have to read it for the oral test of French literature, it is 'Le petit Prince'...""Is it nude nasty young lolitas interesting?""I like it. They say it is a book for children, but to me it seems rather for adults.""And, what is it about?""A little prince living all alone on his small planet, and who goes to visit other planets until he comes to Heart.""And then?""I don't know, I am just getting to that part."Marco sat under the tree and had Valerio sit near young lolita pre teens him.Then Marco asked him: "Are you happy?""With what?""Everything. What you do, what you are...""Well... I think so, I really never the best lolita studios thought about it. But normally one who is not happy, feels that at once, don't you think?" Valerio asked.Marco pondered this a while then said, "Yes, you are right. I am not happy.""You? But you have... everything!""Perhaps. But I feel shut in... in a small planet, and I would like to discover other planets, and the Earth. I'm always surrounded by people who decide for me... and so I feel lonely. No, I am not happy."Valerio kept silent, not lolitas 13 yo gallery knowing what to say. Also Marco was silent, lost in who knows what thoughts.After a while, Marco asked: "Do you have friends?""Yes, my school mates.""It must be great having friends.""Don't you have?""No.""You never meet boys our age?""Oh yes, at the grown up parties. I don't like them. They make silly talk, and each one tries to show he is better than the others, he is more wealthy than the others. It is boring and stupid.""It must be sad not to have friends..." thoughtfully Valerio said."Somewhat. But you get used to that. You know, this is my first time I can talk with someone I personally choose. It is... oh, so wonderful!""But now, they will not allow me to come out in the park, at this time.""And you came lolita 15 17 yr all the same...""If they a lolita cp sites notice...""Where is your mother?""In the villa's kitchen, to clean up.""And what time will she be back home?""After your walk is over, I presume. Before that, she will not allowed to cross the park.""And your father?""At this time he works in the green houses.""Therefore in these two hours you always are alone, right?""I think so.""So, don't you see that there is no problem?""You are possibly right.""Unless... you are bored staying with me.""No, I really don't think so.""Your name is Valerio, right?""Yes.""Valerio... would you accept me as a friend?""Gladly.""So, you'll call me by name, not Master.""Sure, Marco."^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Second Scene:So the two boys began to lolita preteen nudists girls meet in secret. Valerio told Marco jokes and made him giggle. He often brought him comic strips and magazines for boys that they read and discussed. He let him listen to his headphone stereo modern music and told little nymphets lolitas forbidden him about the fashionable bands. He offered Marco bubble gum and they competed who could make the biggest bubbles... and Marco was happy.Valerio was a cheerful boy, full of life, and he made jokes with Marco, and played with him those silly games that had always been hidden to him, like the Chinese Morra or Hang Man, or tic-tac- toe that students normally lolita preteen photo art do at school. Marco kept an eye on his watch and when the two hours were nearing the end they parted, Valerio back his home, and Marco toward the villa.One day, Valerio started to tickle Marco. The boy, laughing, tried to escape his friend, therefore Valerio tried to hold him fast. In short they engaged in wrestling - rolling in the grass they laughed and each of them tried to pin the other. Even though Valerio was somewhat more developed than Marco, Marco had good muscles so that the struggle was practically even. They were thus joyfully fighting and Valerio was in top of Marco. Making a scissors hold with his legs he succeeded in holding fast his younger friend's legs. With his hands he kept Marco's wrists still, his arms parallel to his body. Their lolitas model list t faces were almost brushing. Suddenly their eyes met, and became still, staring at each other, like magnetized. The laughter lowered and stopped as if by a spell. And in the sudden silence, broken just by the light rustle of the trees leaves, Valerio put his lips on Marco's. At first just lightly brushing them, then pressing them with warmth, kissing his friend in an intimate way, for a long while. And also his struggle's grasp slowly became a warm embrace.Marco, when their eyes met, he felt a quiver. And when his friends' lips alighted on his own, lightly, he accepted them with simplicity. When then that light contact changed in a kiss, he received and returned it with pleasure. And now, he felt Valerio's body weight on his own body as something wonderful.The long kiss ended, Valerio withdrew his face a little and took his friend's face between his hands in a kind of caress.Looking straight into his eyes, Valerio asked him: "Do you know what I just did?""You kissed me...""But, do you know who kisses that way?""Yes... lovers.""But do you know that people say that two males can be friends, but not lovers?""No, but I don't care.""Do you know that making love, you and I, is forbidden?""We are forbidden even just to meet. And yet, we do it...""So then... do you want to make love with me?""If it is beautiful like the kiss you petite young lolita nude gave me... yes. But you have to teach me, I don't know how to make love.""Do you really want me to teach you?""Yes, please.""Do you trust me?""Certainly, you are my friend."So Valerio kissed again for a long while Marco on the photo art lolas nude mouth, while they tightly embraced. When they once more parted, their eyes both shone."It is very good to kiss..." Marco murmured."Yes, and all the rest is very good also.""All the rest, what?""To caress, to touch each other under our clothes on the naked shin, to undress each other and to make love...""And will you do all that with me?""Willingly.""Did you do it with other people?""Yes, with some friends.""And, is it beautiful?""Very much.""Why don't you do it now, with me?""Look at your watch - it is late. We can just have time for one more kiss. But tomorrow I'll wait for you, and I'll teach you to make love.""Promise?""Promise."They kissed for a last time. This time Marco felt quivers going through all his body, very close to those he had discovered he could give rise in himself when he was showering and touched his body in some parts, especially when he caressed himself between his legs, until his penis became hard... Also now, he became aware, it was happening that pleasurable phenomenon. They moved away and reluctantly parted, renewing the promise to meet the day after to make love.That afternoon, and the morning of the day after, the tutors found Marco absent minded, and they had to reprove him several times. But the boy was still feeling on his lips the warmth of Valerio's and couldn't think to other things.At two 'o clock he went as always to the park. But as he was approaching Valerio's home, his steps became faster, he was impatient to be with him. They met and at once they were in each other arms and their lips searched for the friend's lips. They kissed, while Valerio's hands caressed Marco's back and ass. The boy then, following suit, started to caress Valerio's body."Come with me..." Valerio said.Marco followed him to the small clearing with a little fountain where, he noticed, his friend african lolita pussy pics had already spread a blanket. They pulled off their shoes and went on it on their knees. Then Valerio started to caress his friend, through his clothes, all over his body. Marco promptly imitated him. It was a very beautiful feeling having his body explored today nude lolita gallery by another's hands. Then he felt his friend's hands rummaging in his clothes, slipping under them, to touch his bare skin, and a strong pleasurable quiver shook him. He felt his penis grow, strongly pushing against the confines of his clothes. Continuing to hotly kiss each other, little by little the one uncovered each other's body in a crescendo of agreeable sensations, of emotions completely new and unknown for Marco, of incredible beauty.So, little by little they undressed each other until they were completely naked, standing up the one in front of the other. They started to mutually explore each other's body with their eyes and then their fingertips in a wonderful prelolitas 12 years models game of pleasure filled quivers, unconsciously discovering each other's erogenous areas, and then going back there, lingering on them, spying the pleasured expression that appeared on the friend's face, and very young latina lolitas enjoying each other's enjoyment.Until then Marco just imitated Valerio, but now, on his nonude model lol pics initiative, with instinct, feeling preteen models lolita shy his blood flow faster in his veins, feeling his skin burn at the contact with that of his friend, having noticed that the area where his caresses had the strongest effect was there, between Valerio's legs, on that throbbing rod that stood up with pride toward him, Marco knelt to caress it better, to look at it better. And after a short while he felt the impulse to kiss it, the instinct to brush it with his lips. When he became aware that what he was doing seemed to very much increase his friend's pleasure, almost as if someone taught him, he parted his lips and welcomed it in his mouth. For a while Valerio let him do it, but then his legs trembled and he collapsed onto the blanket and, pulled to him Marco, he gave him the same gentle treatment uniting with him in a passionate sixty nine.So, for the first time in his life, Marco knew the joys of sex. The two boys, now, in their meetings did little more than love making. Day after day, Valerio taught his friend all the variations, all the ways to unite he knew, and his friend was a pupil more than diligent and full of good will. Their unions were not just a way to give vent to the physical attraction of two adolescents, to amuse themselves, but a real affection's exchange. Each of them made the other feel in this way how very important he was to him.This Marco clearly understood when Valerio one day told him: "You see, Marco, lolita list lolita bbs how beautiful it is to unite? We two are so totally friends that we can even make love, share our bodies. We really have become lovers."^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Third Scene:Marco felt he had reached happiness. But happiness is like an incredibly brilliant lighthouse, like a shining sun - it is almost impossible to hide its light. His tutors, his governess, became aware that that lighthouse had strangely begun to shine, and that it shone in particular after the afternoon walks. They asked themselves the reason, and asked the boy. The evasive answers that Marco gave them not only didn't convince them but made them suspect the existence of a secret, and at once they set about to discover it. So, for the first time, and without Marco suspecting a thing, the rigid order of the solitary walk in the park was violated.The two boys were so caught in full intercourse.Immediately Marco's father was advised and the immediate consequence was that he dismissed cook and gardener on the spot and sent Valerio away. And for Marco, they started immediately brainwashing - indicating that what they were doing were bad things, filthy, mean, monstrous, unmentionable, perverted, humiliating, unnatural... and blue lolita girl pics the list of adjectives grew more and more."That boy, older than you, tried to corrupt you, he is a pervert, he abused of your innocence and naivete..." and so video lolitas teen kiddy forth with more brainwashing.Marco was more deeply wounded for the parting from Valerio, than for the attempts of psychological conditioning. Losing his friend and lover, he lost his only gleam of freedom, his only experience of love and affection. He felt more lonely than ever, more and more at the mercy of the others. To stop the verbal persecution at least, that dripping of psychological pressure, he showed that he did understand and played well the naive, a boy who didn't suspect he did something "that is not to be done". He disguised his sorrowful tears as tears of preeteen lolita nude pics repentance.So, they left him in peace.His happiness lasted just two months.But Marco kept deep inside his heart his relationship with Valerio, and he desperately clutched at that only good memory of his young life.When he preteen underage cp lolita was sixteen, his father decided to send him to a boarding school in Switzerland, a very exclusive one, dedicated to rich and intellectually precocious boys. Marco welcomed this decision - at least he would have been amongst boys of his age. Even though he knew that they all were scions of the high European bourgeoisie, and he feared he would find them odious in a few months.The school was in an enchanting location - it was an ancient castle restored with good taste, on the top of a lolita naked russian preteens low hill, at the gates of a village, completely surrounded by very green woods. The discipline there was very rigid. And there also all was programmed, timed to the second, regulated, supervised. The school's regulations were printed in a voluminous handbook that each boy found on his night table, that provided even rules about asking to go to the toilet..."These rules," an elder colleague whispered him one day, "have been made to prevent two boys from going to the toilets together...""But why?" Marco asked, thinking that it was ridiculous and absurd.The other smiled in a shrewd way: "So as to prevent them from amusing themselves.""Amuse? In the toilet?""Yes, you know, to do dirty things..."At this point Marco understood what the other was talking about. But then, hypocritically pretending to be vaguely scandalized as he learned by his former tutors about such matters, he asked: "Don't tell me that here there are people doing that!""In spite of all the controls, pure free little loli yes. There are several couples, and boys who amuse themselves, amongst us...""But... and if they are caught?""Article 127 - immediate expulsion for immoral behavior.""Did this happen?""To my knowledge, two years ago."Marco thought over this revelation for a long time. If there were boys doing it... he too could possibly find a friend. He had just to be very prudent, very cautious. So, he started to observe his fellows with different eyes. So one by one he tried to discover who could be russian lolitas 10 13y the couples his companion had hinted at, and soon he started to think about whom he would have liked to become his special friend. He was looking carefully at his more handsome and likeable companions... amongst those he could probably find the right one.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fourth Scene:It was now four months that Marco was in that boarding school, it was therefore the end of January, when he started to notice some furtive movements - boys making each other imperceptible signs, passing each other secret notes in tiny papers, silently slipping away. Carefully studying the surveillance systems of the school, Marco started to think about how it was possible to escape it. All his intelligence, all his fantasy were now aimed to one only goal.In February he was almost sure he had singled out three couples. Almost, unconsciously he found himself protecting their presumed encounters, their movements. Once when a superintendent asked him if he saw to pass a certain companion, then Marco understood it was likely go to a secret appointment, he answered yes and pointed at a completely different direction in order to send the man the wrong away. And another time, when he saw a superintendent going towards the athletic tools store room, where a little while before he had seen one of the couples he knew about entering, he called aloud the superintendent so that the man stopped and so the couple in the store room was warned of the danger.Marco did all this without the interested companions even knowing it. And he, even though he did single out nude kids lolita model the couples, even knowing where they met, never said a word, never peeped in on what they were doing. His interest was not a morbid one - he just wanted in some ways take revenge of the people who caught Valerio and him, and stopped them from loving each other.It was April when Marco at last found his boyfriend. Marco started to go to the school's pool, not so much because he was fond of swimming, but because it was attended by a boy a little older than him that he really liked both physically and for his character. His name was Herman and he was the youngest son of the President of the Austrian National Bank.Little by little they became acquainted and Marco became aware that also Herman liked him. And so, going to the pool together, made them even closer. In the showers Marco even caught a glimpse of his new friend's naked body, and what he could see pleased him very much. Herman had a smooth and fair skin, a firm body but with gentle curves, dark blond hair, blue-green eyes and an intense and bold way of looking. The Austrian boy moreover was occupying his dreams. Marco also noticed that, when he made compliments to Herman for his excellent physique, the boy quietly chinese lolita nude photo answered him that he also had a beautiful body. He added "very beautiful".Then, one day when they were for just a moment alone in the center of the pool, Marco said to him in German, in a whisper: "To be so close to you, I feel like pulling off your bathing suit and to touch you...""Not here in front of everybody, please!" the other boy answered him with an amused smile."Where, then?" Marco answered."We will see..." Herman answered going away with long, russian lolita porn pics vigorous strokes.When they went to the showers and, even if under the supervisors' attentive eyes, Herman, pulling off his bathing suit right at the side of Marco, lingered a little more than usual turning so that his companion could see him clearly. Then he rapidly entered the individual showers with the low walls and started to wash himself. All through the shower time both threw from time to time furtive glances to the other. Shutting off the water, they dried inside the box as was required by the regulations and, as they went out, they dressed up again. But again, Marco could look for a moment, and a little longer than usual, on the handsome and completely naked body of his companion.For the rest of the day they couldn't communicate. But the following morning, entering the chapel of the Catholics, Herman could pass him a tiny scrap of paper where was written just a word: "Satisfied?"Then Marco lifted his head towards his friend, who was sitting almost in front of him on the other side of the altar. When their eyes crossed, Marco shook lightly, but several times, his head in a clear "no". He saw Herman barely smile and lower his head as if he was praying.While they were leaving the chapel, one of the supervisors stopped Marco and asked him: "To whom were you shaking your head?"Marco looked at him pretending not to understand, feigning surprise for that question."I saw you. It was while reciting the prayer for the sin's forgiveness. It's useless you deny it!""Ah, at that moment? To no one. I was shaking my head to myself, considering that it is not easy to overcome our weakness, it is not easy to avoid the sin. Who is without sin, throw the first stone, I was thinking, and no one threw it. Good morning, sir." Marco concluded and went toward the refectory for the breakfast.He couldn't see Herman, only just a glimpse of him, until the swimming time.When they both were in the pool, Herman asked him: "Why aren't you satisfied?""Because I would like it to be me to undress you, not just to see you naked. I want to touch you."They parted, swimming in opposite directions - it was not good to be seen talking too long time.But as soon as they could be near each other again, after a few minutes, Herman simply told him: "Let's join the chess club." and again went away.Marco didn't understand why, but joined. Here, Marco discovered, it was a little more easy to talk while playing chess. Also the surveillance seemed somewhat more lax, as often the superintendent was playing a chess game with one of the students, and he was therefore engrossed in his game.Hence, even during their first game, they could communicate. It was enough to speak with a low voice, with short sentences, and every two or three moves. In that way, from afar, it could seem that they were just making comments on their moves.After giving him these instructions, Herman asked him: "Why would you like to undress me?""Would that bother you?""I didn't say that. I asked you why.""Can't you guess?" Marco asked."Sure I can. But I could be wrong.""What do you guess?""No, it's for you to answer me," Herman smiled pretending to be pleased with his last move."And if I were wrong?""It's a risk. But I would keep the secret.""I would like to be your friend.""We already are friends.""Your... lover," Marco confessed expectantly."Me too. But it is difficult.""Why?""Where, and how can we?""I know where and how. When?""Whenever you want, since you know how.""Sunday, the school trip.""And then?" Herman was puzzled."On the boat I can explain you."Marco felt excited and happy. He was yearning for that Sunday to arrive. A while ago he had noticed that during the usual trip to the river, the school made available to the boys some small young lolita children cunny boats for just two people. And there, in the middle of the river, they could quietly talk each other while rowing, even though from the bank a superintendent was looking at them with his binocular. In that way he was able to explain to Herman all the tricks he had devised to be able to secretly depart and make love.The relationship with Herman started at the end of April and continued without incident, aside from the difficulty to meet, until the end of the school year. They were able to get away around twice each week, or less than that. They could make love rather undisturbed, just lolita nude art toplist being careful to be on the lookout to avoid being caught and, in case of danger, to bring themselves to safety. But this dangerous excitement made their meeting even more exciting, if possible, and their pleasure more intense. They both loved to take the other from the front, while they were kissing, and they often alternated, but sometimes they also united in long and pleasurable sixty-nine.When the school started again, they met again in their boarding school, and at once they resumed to make love. What started more like a game, more for the pleasure of doing it in the face of the free list lolitas pic superintendents and the regulations, little by little became a relationship filled with affection. Marco had his seventeenth birthday in October, and Herman his eighteenth in December. They exchanged small presents. Each of them was growing more and more fond of the other. Now they were able to meet even two or three times per week, in the most unconventional cp pre lolita paysites places, at the most startling times, and with the most fanciful contrivances.All went smooth until May. They had happily celebrated for a few days the first anniversary of their relationship.They met in the old tower. Not being used, it was always locked with a key, and nobody ever went in it. But the two boys discovered the way to sneak into it, through a little lolita teen sex small window opening on the roof where they could access it from the window of a toilet. Thus they could make love in complete security.One day tiny lolitas legal anal while they were united in an intimate embrace, completely naked, with Marco on his back, exchanging very sweet and warm effusions, while Herman was passionately moving inside the love channel of his lover, smiling at each other, they suddenly heard voices coming up the stone winding staircase. They had just started to hastily put on their clothes, their heart in their mouths for the surprise and the fear, when the head of the economics teacher appeared. The man stared at them for a moment, his look bewildered, than he hastily turned back and disappeared.They heard his voice saying, with an extraordinarily calm tone: "I am really sorry, Sirs, but it is impossible to show you the panorama from the tower. I noticed that before next landing there are several dangerous, broken steps. Be so kind as to turn back and go downstairs. I will just assess the extent of the damage, and will soon the best teen loli be back to you."The professor then returned to where the two boys were. They had in the meantime succeeded in getting dressed. He looked at them with contempt and said: "Well, Sirs. Now you will immediately go back to your rooms, and there you will wait to be summoned. I don't know how you got in here, but to avoid any dangerous acrobatics I will leave the tower's door open. Just wait a few minutes, then do as I say."The waited for the professor to go downstairs, then Marco asked Herman in tender lolita pussy photo a whisper: "And now? What will it happen?""We will be expelled at once.""And they will tell our families.""Certainly.""We can deny it?" asked Marco hopefully."The evidence? They will for certain believe him, not us. At this point I'd rather to assert with pride that I am in love with you, Marco.""I too love you. Will we meet again?""I rather doubt it. Before going back in our rooms, I want to kiss you once more."They kissed and it was a real farewell. It was the first time they said to each other words "I love you" and it was also the last, so they repeated it to each other. They went back to their rooms to wait for the unavoidable consequences.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fifth Scene:Marco's father sent for him. When they met, his father talked to him in an unexpectedly calm way, but extremely harshly. He told him best lolitas beautis nude that he decided, since he proved to be incorrigible, to make him continue his studies at home, paying private teachers for him, and making them watch over him constantly, so that nothing so shameful could happen again.So for Marco started a new period of his life in the villa, even more segregated than before. But nowadays the boy had an loli nude pisc preteen obsession in his head - to be able to have sex with a male, in spite of all his father's efforts. All his fantasy, all his energies were more than ever aimed to succeed in his undertaking. So, he started to lolitas peludas culitos abiertos study his male teachers, that is the men he had available for a longer time and in private. Besides the lady teaching him mathematics, all the other were men - a serious imprudence on the part of his father. Even if he had to do it with his professor of political sciences, an old, ugly and cantankerous man, Marco swore that at least one of these men would enter his bed. He would certainly have preferred the young teacher of communications' technique, a twenty eight years old university assistant lecturer, not bad at all, or also his sports' instructor, a man of twenty-six with a body really well shaped... Moreover, these two were not married...For a long time Marco studied the character of his nonude lolita porn pics various teachers, their 'tics', their weak points. During the breaks in his lessons, he often chatted with them of this and that, and so he sounded them out with apparently innocent or trivial questions. His investigation work lasted for five months, incessant, carefully, until he felt he singled out the right person - it was his international law's teacher. He was not too tall a man, with an insignificant aspect, sexually not really attractive. He never did marry in spite of his forty-four years. He had something physical, corporeal in his behavior. For instance in the way he shook hands, lingering a little too much, almost as if he wanted to lengthen the physical contact. Or in the way he gave light slaps on Marco's shoulder when the boy said he couldn't grasp a concept - they were almost caresses. Moreover, he had a weak point, he was a faint-hearted person. lolitas preteens in panties It seemed that he did all in his power not to be seen in a bad light, not to challenge the others, to avoid any obstacle, any problem.So, one day, during a lesson, Marco deliberately dropped his eraser on the floor, under the table. He crouched down as if to pick it up, moved between his teacher's legs and boldly put one hand on his knee and with the other fingered between his thighs, on his fly.The man was startled: "What on the earth are you...""Shush, professor, or they will hear you!""Leave me immediately, stop it!" the man said, but in a whisper."No. You'll see that you'll enjoy it. Relax.""I order you to stop!" the man repeated, getting purple in his face but again in a whisper, trying to stand up from the chair."If you don't remain still and in silence, I will start to yell and I will tell them you tried to lolita preteen ls magazine touch me! And the guilt is always on the elder, don't you know?" Marco said and started to manipulate the man's genitals through the cloth, and he felt that a reaction was coming."Please, stop it..." the man begged in a murmuring."No." Marco said, continuing unperturbed."Somebody will come underage legal lolita nymphette in. Please!""Nobody, never disturbs the lessons." quietly Marco said, intensifying his maneuvering.Then, when he felt that the man's member was turgid, started to unbutton the man's fly.The teacher struggled but Marco repeated: "Careful! I'll start to yell..."The poor man went limp on the chair. Marco had now pulled out the hard member from the man's trousers - it was of respectable and unsuspected size. The boy looked for a moment at it and thought that it was not bad, then, rapidly rose to the bait. The teacher emitted a low sob but didn't try to oppose any more, and Marco carried on what he was doing, at his pleasure, until he gobbled the creamy fruit of his action, with long and pleased sips.Then he came out from under the table, with a satisfied smile at his teacher who, now confused and red in his face, was buttoning up his trousers.The man, when he was in order, asked to Marco: "Why did you do such a thing? Aren't you ashamed?""Because I like it. And I am not ashamed.""You wanted to humiliate me?""No, I wanted to make you cum. And I will do that again, don't worry.""I can tell your father.""But you will not.""How can you be so sure of that?""You let me do it to the end, therefore you liked it.""Don't think you can use me for your perverse games!""Sure I can. Look." Marco said facing the man."But, what do you think to do, now!""Just look."Marco put his hand on his own fly, grasping it firmly, and gave a couple of violent and sharp tugs until some buttons came off."But, what are you doing? Are you mad?" the man asked him, looking at him up and down, with a bewildered expression.Then Marco unbuttoned the remaining buttons and pulled out his member, straight and hard. The teacher hastily stood up from the chair but Marco, with his hand, pushed him back down."Now, professor, with my buttons lost and my fly open, it is evident - if I start to yell they will at once understand that you tried to rape me""But what do you want from me?" the man asked with a querulous voice."That you now give me pleasure as I just did for you.""You are crazy!""Perhaps. I count to three and if you don't start... one... two..."The teacher immediately did what Marco requested of him. Marco took the man's head between his hands and gave it the right rhythm. He made the man continue, while he was maintaining the lookout, until he finally reached the orgasm. He took the man's head joung teen nude lolitas pressed against his groin, forcing him to swallow all, until he had completely unloaded. Then he tidied himself up and picked up the buttons from the floor. The teacher was completely shocked and left the room.The teacher who had him for the following angels innocente lolitas models lesson, asked Marco what was wrong with his colleague.Marco, angelically, answered: "Nothing serious. He suddenly felt ill. He must have drank something he was not used to..."That same evening the teacher of international law sent a resignation letter complaining serious and sudden family problems, and he never showed up again. Marco was satisfied. Mainly because the substitute teacher was real 'manna from heaven'. He was recently graduated in law, with a fresh and handsome appearance. Marco decided to tackle him on the very first day."Listen, you are young, we can be informal, right?""As you like.""So, then, listen me carefully. I like men, and I like you. If you are game with me, I will study seriously and I will behave with you. If you don't want to have sex with me, it will be better that you resign at once and look for a different job."The young teacher looked at him with an amused air: "I really didn't expect such a request when I accepted this work. Now I can understand why the pay was so good. But it would have better if they had informed me that there was this clause before I accepted. It would have been more proper and less embarrassing.""They couldn't pre teen lolita whores warn you before. Nobody knows about that. This is just my condition.""And... top list pre lolita you always do so, with your teachers?""No, you are just the second. The other one resigned, it is the one you for whom you are a substitute. But you didn't answer me. Are you game?""No, therefore I will resign. But, before I do, I would like to understand something. Why don't you just look for a friend, instead of assaulting your teachers in this way? It seems to me that it would be the most simple thing to do... and the most lolita rompl chill pics honest, don't you think?So Marco explained his situation to him. The young teacher listened to him asking from time to time questions so as to better understand.In the end, he said with a friendly smile: "Possibly... we can do something for you...""You are game, so? You suit me, I like you.""No, as I have said. But perhaps, just perhaps I say, there is something I can do for you. Let's just start to have our lessons. Meanwhile I will look for a teacher who can substitute for me and will accept your request... I don't know if it will be easy or not, but I will try. And if I find him, I will advance an excuse to leave and to have him at my place. Is that OK?""Yes... but... why would you do that for me?""Because in my opinion your father is absolutely wrong. Each person has to be free to live his sexuality as he likes... and as he can. But, out of curiosity, in a while you will be eighteen and come of age. Why don't you just wait and then leave your house?""I thought about that. But it would not be sex porn lolitas teen fair. My father would cut off my money, cut me out of his will, disinherit me. And he is powerful, he would be able, and he has the means, to persecute me. He also told me - all he wants is simply that I change. And when he puts his mind to something, he uses all means to get it."Some months passed, and Marco now was quiet because he believed in the help of his young international law teacher.But unexpectedly russia lolita nude old things changed.Marco's father consulted a psychology luminary about his son. The famous man, after several discussions, convinced the father that he was making a blunder, and a big one. He had to make his son to attend the public university, allowing him to meet people, and not repressing him. If he continued to keep his son so much under control, without allowing him to breath, he could just provoke his son's rebellion, and soon he would lose him. In fact, coming of age, his son could leave him and decide to chose his lifestyle, at the price of becoming a drifter.Commendatore Linardi was only half convinced, so he decided to follow, in his own way, the psychologist's advise. It was just a few days after Marco told his law teacher he was tired of waiting, that his father had a conversation with Marco."Marco, I decided to forgo the fight with you. I did all I could to make you abandon your vice, and I don't know if I succeeded. I hope I did. Anyway, I decided that from now on, you will attend a regular university, So, from this coming November you will enroll in the Bocconi University and very young girls lolitas you will attend your lessons there. Try not to nude lolitas 12 yo take advantage of this freedom I'm offering you, dad and lolita pics and to stay far from your vice. And possibly it has been just a youthful disorder..."Marco listened, speechless, to his father. He almost couldn't believe his ears. He could hardly believe it - suddenly he had been reprieved, he could leave his prison. There must be a catch, but he couldn't see how or where. His father was looking seriously at him, trying to understand what his son was thinking."So, Marco, don't you have anything to say?""Thank you, Dad.""Yes, but did you understand my words? Will you try to stay far from the vice you got, that wicked Valentino's fault?""Valerio, Dad. Yes, sure. I will look for a girl.""Also one hundred girls, my boy! Can I trust you?""Certainly, dad."Commendatore Linardi told himself that he made a good speech. He was not completely sure he could trust his son, but at this point bbs lol top 100 he had decided on this new line of conduct, and he hoped he had reduced the risk to a minimum.Waiting for the university lessons start, Marco got the permission to go occasionally to Milan, even as he continued his private lessons at home. And also, his father decided to send him to a driving school, so when eighteen he could get a driving license to commute with his own car.The first time that Marco went to Milan alone, he felt it was almost like a journey in an exotic land. He preteen lolita lingerie models was walking on the streets of the town looking around full of curiosity. He was entering the shops and at times he made useless purchases, things he often gave to the first beggar or child he came across, just for the sake of talking with the people, and deciding by himself. It was like being drunk. But soon, after a few times he went to the town, he also felt the desire to find a friend, somebody with whom he could make love. More or less a boy his age, or rather, better a bbs book loli cgi little more than less. But how to do it? He couldn't just stop somebody in the street and propose him...So, he talked with his law teacher."Marco, I really don't know what to tell you, I don't know the gay world, it never appealed to me...""Gay? What does Gay mean?"His teacher explained him, and told him the little he knew, what he read in the newspapers or heard lolita teen models gallery around. Marco was eagerly drinking the scanty information from the young man.So he learned that at times the "gay people" meet in the public toilets, but his young teacher warned him not to go in them - he could have dangerous meetings and at times the police made roundups there. He also knew that there were gay magazines, even if his teacher wasn't able to tell him any title. He also knew that there were also gay discos, but they opened only in night time...Marco, each time he went to Milan, besides attending his driving lessons, started to stop at several public toilets. With his habit to observe even the slightest details which he developed at the boarding school, he became aware that among the various people who frequented the toilets for men, many tiny lolita sexy rape were in search of an encounter with other men, and soon he was able to distinguish the various kinds of regulars. There were some who did it for money, as his teacher told him, there were those who were just exhibitionists and the voyeurs, there were the debauchees, but there were also a few men and youths looking just for a contact. Each kind had his way, his style almost unmistakable, in spite of the variations due to the personal character. Therefore in just two months, from the manner in which somebody entered the toilets, looked around, stood in front of the urinals, Marco was able to understand what kind the man was. All long that period he avoided any contact, refused any approach, but he delighted himself with the vision of hundred of 'members' of all kinds and in the different degrees of erection.He also easily understood, by the various toilets he visited, which one was best to avoid and which one to frequent. He studied the several ways of approach he saw, from the most reserved and light to the most impudent and rude, and understood how to act when he would decide to take his initiative, or to accept an invitation. The only one thing he could not figure out, was where the couples could go to consummate the intercourse. At the station's toilets Marco noticed that at times a couple slipped in a box locking themselves inside. But Marco judged that that was the worst place - stinking, narrow, and dangerous.He now understood that the first thing he had to do was to hook a man, adult but still young, showing sufficient experience, and to get more information about the gay world from him. And so he did.In June he lurked outside the Cathedral Square's toilets to observe the movement, until he saw a man around 35, well dressed, preeteen lolita dorki pic rather elegant, enter in them. From the way the man was looking around before going downstairs, he guessed he would be the right person. So he immediately crossed and also went downstairs. He saw that the man naked high school lolitas was standing at one urinal with two free places at his sides, so preteen lolitas in topless he went there, placing himself near the man. After the usual glances, the man nodded him towards the door and went out. He had been hooked! He followed the man at a respectable distance. When the man stopped in front of a show window pretending to look at the displayed goods, he caught up with him and stopped at his side.The man looked at him with a smile and said: "Hi!""Hi...""Do you have free time?""Today, very little...""What a pity.""Can't we meet on lolita mini girl teen another day?" Marco hopefully asked."Possibly." the man said, then added, "May I offer you a coffee?""Yes, thank ls bbs lolita magazine you."They sat underage flat chested lols at a nearby bar. The man said: "My name is Renzo. And yours?""Marco.""You are really a splendid boy. I would like very much to make love with you...""I too would like it. But I don't live in Milan, and shortly I have to go back. But I really would like to meet you again, with more time..."They chat a little, then set up an appointment. They met three days after. As agreed, the man was my girls lolita foto waiting for him outside the station with his car. Renzo took Marco to his place. They immediately started to make love. Marco was really hungry for intercourse finally relaxed, complete, agreeable. Renzo had a passable body, made love in a passable way, but after so much abstinence it all seemed splendid to Marco. The man was exclusively a top, but Marco more than willingly underwent the long, calm, strong penetration and enjoyed it thoroughly. Anyway Renzo was able to touch and kiss him in a way that brought Marco to the maximum of the pleasure. Afterwards they chat for a long while. With the pretext that he had arrived from abroad just a few days earlier, Marco asked the man give him a lot of very detailed and precious information about where he could meet preteen lolitas under 12 other boys to make love, and where to take them if the other didn't have a place. Then, as both enjoyed the reciprocal company, they decided to meet again.Marco went back home relaxed 13 yo topless lolita and satisfied. He liked kiddy porn 8yo lolita Renzo. Sex with that man had sated him. He could feel that the man had experience. Renzo told him that he was employed in a large building company. He lived alone in that small, but rather nice and elegant, flat that his firm gave him. Marco thought that he could frequent the man for a while, at least until he got all the information he needed to find his 'Mister Right'. For Marco a really new privete nude lolita pics life had started. Finally he could live in his way and he hoped to find one day somebody with whom to live together - a real friend, gentle and sweet as Valerio, and passionate as Herman had been...^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Sixth Scene:When Marco went on his date with Renzo, the man welcomed him warmly. Again they went to Renzo's place and they made love for a long while. Then they talked, and Renzo showed him some gay magazines, both porno and not. Thumbing through them (Marco was almost unbelieving that there were such magazines with such pictures!) they both became aroused again and began to make love once again. Then they made a date for four days later.At their third meeting, Renzo was completely different. They met again, at the exit of the station, Renzo, nervous and embarrassed, excused himself and told him that he could not stay with him. Because of a sudden business appointment, he just had barely the time to come to talk with him. Marco, somewhat disappointed, then asked him when they could meet again, but Renzo said that he didn't know, adding that he was not able to make any engagements and that, therefore, it was better just not to plan to meet any more. Then hurriedly said good bye and he left, leaving Marco behind, dumbfounded. The boy stayed for a while looking in the direction the man's car had disappeared. He couldn't understand what happened, in fact he sensed that the sudden business was just a pretext... Perhaps, he thought, he didn't feel any more like being with me... even if it didn't at all seem so. He could possibly already have a lover, and also a jealous one... He couldn't understand the sudden change... After a while he shrugged his shoulders and decided to go to look for a new adventure.At first he didn't find the type who appealed to him, but after a few days he met a man as young as he was, with a face not really beautiful, but unbelievably sweet. His name was Gianni. He was of Tuscany origins and he spoke with a delicious accent. Unhappily he didn't have a place where to go, so on their first meeting, they just spent their time walking on the streets and chatting. Marco liked Gianni very much and vice versa. The boy was seventeen years old, he was the son of a bookstall keeper of Venezia's Gate. They agreed they would meet again, and Marco asked him to look for a place where to go to make love. The boy assured him that he would certainly do his best - in fact he too was longing to be able to make love with Marco.They met again. Radiantly, Gianni told him that one of his friends lent him his apartment for a few hours, and that he had the keys. They went there and finally made love. The boy was more skilled than Marco and brought him to paroxysm of pleasure. Gianni confessed him that one year before his puberty, that is at eleven, he already had sex with boys. It had been one of his cousins, fifteen years old, that introduced him to men's love, and not only he taught Gianni everything but he also introduced him to some of his friends like them, and Gianni did it with all of them. He so rapidly became so skilled that his company, in spite of his young age, was really requested... Gianni was splendid not only in bed, but he had a character that enchanted Marco.In the month of July they met six more times, always thanks to the obliging gay friend, who lent them his apartment. Each time they were more happy love lolitas preteen model to meet again and Marco had the feeling that both were falling in love.But when they met the next time, Gianni arrived with a great sadness telling on his face. His father suddenly decided to move back with all his family to Tuscany, to Lucca. They had to leave just two days after, therefore this was the last time little school girl lolita they could meet. They made love with all their passion and parted with deep sorrow. Marco, while he was going back home, told himself that life was unfair to him...In August the father told Marco that they would go on a ship cruise, touring the Mediterranean sea. During the journey Marco succeeded in hooking one of the ship's sailors and managed to make love with him several times, almost under the eyes of his unsuspecting father. He was a Venetian boy 23 years old, and his name was Marco too. It was this Marco that taught the boy to rim the anus for a long while before penetrating it. At first our Marco turned up his nose at that idea, but then he discovered that it was so pleasurable to be rimmed, that he too tried it with the sailor, and he liked it.When they returned in September, Marco resumed his driving lessons and also his private lessons at home. And also began his excursions looking for a new friend again. All month long he didn't find anything interesting, and neither in October, the month sweet naked little lolitas when he came of age, got his driving license, and his father bought him a Fiat Ritmo. He just had one-night stands, insignificant adventures.In November he began his studies at the Bocconi University. Now he was commuting to Milan every day, so he could also cruise more frequently. In the middle of November he had one adventure among the few encounters, but Marco stopped it. In fact it was a type of making love that Marco didn't like - each time the man was becoming more rude, violent. Marco loathed physical violence.At the university, he was starting to become friend with some boys of his classes. He also started to meet some of them to study together. His company was really sought, because Marco, thanks to his private studies, was really prepared. To Marco these classes were mainly a rehearsing and a way of learning the terminology that the professors of the courses liked best. All in all he found in his classes that he was getting by on what he already learned.There was one of his course and studies companions that Marco liked very much. This companion's name was Alceo. Marco thought there was little hope with him. In fact the boy was always with a girl student and they were flirting. Still, Marco thanks to his skill and habits of observation, started to note some details that seemed to contradict that first impression. For instance the way his companion was looking at other boys. Marco had learned to notice some glances that normally nobody notices.One day while Marco was studying with Alceo, his girlfriend and another boy, he and Alceo sitting on one side of the table, and the other two in front of them on the other side, Marco decided to try a test. naked little lolita boys With a casual air, first he lowered his left hand, that is the one on the side of Alceo, putting it on his own thigh under the table. Then, a few minutes later, he moved his hand and lightly put it on his companion's thigh. Marco felt the blood hammering in his temples. His companion didn't give the slightest reaction. So Marco became a little more daring and started to lightly caress Alceo's thigh. Alceo still didn't gave any sign, positive or negative. Marco was feeling like a big drum resounding in his head, with such a violence to make him almost stunned. After a while of that discreet maneuvering, that the other two couldn't possibly see, Marco took a decisive step. He moved his hand on his companion's fly and started to finger his basket. At this point Alceo spread his legs a little more, seemingly to give more room to his hand, and his right leg moved to contact with Marco's left leg. Alceo started to lightly press his leg against his companion's in response. Marco exulted, that there was an unmistakable signal. And under his hand he felt his companion's member throbbing and hardening.That day nothing more happened, because the two boys weren't alone for a single moment, therefore they couldn't talk. But soon they would. When alone finally Marco, astonished with the ready acceptance of his companion, asked Alceo how come it was that he accepted his advances even though he had a girlfriend. Alceo told him that he liked both girls and boys, and that he liked Marco a lot. So their relationship started. They could be alone rarely, but as soon as they could, they met more than willingly. Alceo, in making love, was ardent and virile when he was a top, but he became gentle and tender when he was a bottom. Moreover he had a beautiful body and a way of making love that was very sensual. Alceo was completely uninhibited and often, after making love, liked to lie near Marco, continuing to caress him and to lightly kiss him while they chatted and smoked a cigarette. Alceo also loved long preliminaries, when they made love. Marco felt really at ease with his companion. He felt desired by him. Two or three times Alceo, in the public, pushed Marco behind little lolitas bondage rape a corner where nobody could see them, clung to him making him feel his erection, French kissed him and told him that he desired Marco so much... Marco loved these occasions too.But in February, Alceo disappeared. His girlfriend explained that he had received an offer of work in Venice, at a really high salary, provided that he was ready to leave immediately. Alceo had accepted, even though he had to quit his university studies... Marco was disappointed and upset. He would have expected at least one or two lines in a note to say good bye to him, if not in person...^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Seventh Scene:Marco felt he was plagued by bad luck - as soon as he thought he had found a friend, a companion, a partner, for one reason or another, his relationship was wrecked. Marco became more and more sad and felt more and more alone. He plunged in his studies.At 22 he graduated at the University, with full marks, honor and "printing dignity" (that is a very rare honor - it means that the University will print a book, at its expenses and under its label, with the thesis of the graduated person...) His father had just the time to hold a grand party for his son, in fact two months later he died of cancer, an illness he had for a long time but that he always kept hidden. Marco suddenly was alone and sole inheritor of a huge, incredible fortune.Marco didn't feel sad for his father's death. After all, he barely knew him, and at that only as a kind of tyrant who ruined his life.After the solemn funeral, Marco shut himself for several days in his father's studio. Here he summoned the employees and while the notary took care of the inheritance papers, he took a long look at his father business in a meticulous way.Paying the inheritance taxes, he started to liquidate all his father activities, one after the other, in order to have at his disposal all the capital in cash. Then he sold also all the properties, including the villa. He just kept an apartment downtown in Milan, in San Babila, where he moved. All this took him a little more than three months, and all that time he didn't have a sexual life. To systematically dismantle all his father had built all long his life, gave him a huge satisfaction , almost an erotic pleasure. His revenge had started.But he had other projects, he was not yet satisfied. Using the power that the huge capital gave him, he was able, even though with some difficulties, using contact with a very skilled documents forger. He asked the man to get for him three sets of documents under three different names. All must be such that he could use them to travel across borders, to show them in normal life situations, and at least one set must also allow him to carry out business transactions and to disguise his actual identity. The forgers told him that for the first two sets there was no problem. But for the third, he proposed Marco to enter into contact with the Mafia - only they, in fact, the forger said, were able to find for him that kind of documents. Marco answered him that he had absolutely no intention to be in touch with the Mafia, and offered him even the double, three times the needed amount of money, if he procured them. The forger asked for some time to give him an answer, but in the end agreed. After one month, all the documents were ready following Marco's specifications. Marco had